Monday, August 15, 2011

1858 Flying Eagle Cent

I love history, and when I was a kid wanted to be an archeologist. That didn’t work out, but I found something I can do and it still gives me that same feeling of excitement I was looking for as a kid. Today I am a Numismatist. Now that might sound like it has something to do with magic, but it doesn’t. Numismatics is the study or collecting of coins, tokens or paper money. I find it enjoyable to research coins and paper money that come into my store. Learning about the political climate of the time and the attitudes of the people give you a window into the past. For example, this is a heavily worn 1858 Flying Eagle cent. They only made these for two years as they were experimenting with the small cent that we are so accustom to today. Before this coin the Cent was much larger. This coin would be graded “About Good” and is worth around $15.00.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1917 $2 Note

Should currency ever need a candidate for the role of “black sheep” – unwanted, un-respected and yet always there, the $2 bill is perfect. The $2 note has been a part of paper currency system since the second issue of Legal Tender Notes (Series of 1862). In recent times the bill has been subject to hoarding despite the fact that you can walk into any bank and get new ones. When was the last time you received one in your change at the store? The note was actually the currency of choice at race-track betting windows. Anyone care to place a two dollar bet? This is a fine 1917 example signed by Elliott and White. Collectors of notes look for all possible combinations of a series of notes. There are 13 possible signature combinations for this series which ran from 1874 to 1917. This note is worth about $80 in this condition.